Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Trailer

We had to (had to!) buy a new trailer this summer because Kasper, the giant, outgrew our old trailer. This one has a 7'6" ceiling height and each stall is longer and wider. Kasper, in the last stall, has enough room to turn around!

I'm pleased he has so much room, because I saw an upsetting incident with a draft horse and a trailer this summer. The horse fell while in transit, and couldn't get up on his own because there wasn't enough head room. A horse needs to heave his head and upper body way up to get his hind legs under him, and there wasn't enough height for the horse. So, he was pulled out. And after seeing how that went, I will never let anyone else transport my horses, and I will always have them in a properly sized trailer.

Meanwhile, I started CJ on his harness training yesterday, and made a video with music...but it won't load! I'll keep working on it...


  1. The trailers used be chooen according to the horse height and it should feel good.it mut be more bigger and wider so that they move around.

  2. I totally agree. When I introduced my horses to the new trailer, they just hopped right in. Kasper, especially, seems happy enough to stand still now instead of pacing in the trailer.