Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Horse Dentistry

Yesterday we had a snowstorm which brightened up the scenery.

And then everything turned pink for a while.

With an uncommonly bright sunset

I managed to get an old tire from the local tire store, which I dragged around the corral this morning because I really needed the exercise. No, really, it was for CJ to see it, smell it, and hear it before I hook it to his traces and ask him to pull it. He had absolutely no interest in the tire, but Kasper was fascinated by it and followed it around until it scared him and he ran away.

This morning all three horses had their annual tooth inspection and floating (which means filing down the sharp spikes that form on the teeth from imperfect alignment). I never enjoy the annual dentistry. It's like watching your kids get their braces on. But, overall, the horses were tolerant and nobody needed to be sedated. I'm glad that's over for another year! I didn't do any training after that in case CJ connected dentistry with driving.

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  1. Beautiful pics! I hope you get a lot more snow, and a lot more evenings like that one.