Sunday, November 22, 2009

CJ - Day 7

Pictured here with Ginger the cat is the single tree I made when I realized after Day 6 that I needed one. The single tree keeps the traces apart when hauling things. My single tree is just a piece of a fence rail with some hardware drilled in. Those black leather straps are the traces that buckle in to the breast collar. I'm not sure what its weight rating is... I let CJ sniff the single tree while I rattled it, and then I hitched him to it and led him around the corral. He didn't seem to mind the new noise. So I tied the tire to it and he hauled the whole thing around while I lead him.

The snow is 8 or 9 inches deep now so he had to work to pull the tire. We went around the corral, and when the outside trace came up against his leg he kicked at it, so I stopped him and rubbed the trace up and down his leg. We carried on, and each time he kicked at the trace, I stopped and flapped the trace and rubbed his leg. On the second lap he didn't kick at all. Because he's doing so well, and is very steerable and stoppable, I'm going to drive him along the road next time where it'll be easier walking and we can go farther.

Last week we had a snow fall that stayed in the trees and knocked our power out for two days.

Still lots of grass to paw for:

Here are some pictures I took today. The horses are waiting for hay (cow mooing in background):

Kasper posing:


These last two are my Tim Flach impressions. Check out the link on my favourites. He photographs the lines of horses in a most intriguing way. I have one of his books. He has a photo of the toplines of horses that I would love to hang on my wall...but the book is cheaper.

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