Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Photos

Meet Connie and Jean, the new additions to the farm. They are purebred Red Angus heifers, bred to be calving in March! No one will be eating these cows, or any others that come along, not because of any vegetarian tendencies (I don't have any of those), but because I can't bear the thought of eating a pet. And any animal on my place is a pet! So, these girls are breeding stock; bull calves will be sold for breeding and heifers will be sold as moms.
And here are some pictures of Kasper from today, out in his pasture with his buddies.

This next one is from a few weeks ago when we still had leaves. Sigh.

The next one was taken the day Connie and Jean arrived. The horses are a little uncertain as to why these aliens are in their corral...Well, I should give a summer update. It was such a busy horsey summer that I had no time for the computer!
Kasper had a fabulous month of training in May, which I followed up with a 5 day horse camp at The Horse Ranch (see link). Very worthwhile. I passed the Stage 2 Natural Horsemanship after practising all summer. Trail riding has been great, with Kasper jumping ditches, wallowing through swamps and trotting through thick underbrush. We didn't see any wildlife on the trails this year, but cars on the road aren't a problem for him anymore.

As for driving training, I learned enough this summer to make me decide not to go any further with Kasper in the harness, but to work on my older fellow first. That way I'll learn what I'm supposed to do on the experienced, patient horse, and then I can do harness training with Kasper when I've had a lot of practice at it. I will hopefully get started soon, and I'll try to post our progress. So, CJ--rest up while you can!!


  1. Nice to see this come to life again. = ]

  2. Beautiful horses you have up there! It looks like there is a learning curve for all of you for the harness. I miss riding...but you know, Vancouver, no room for horses. So I will have to use my own legs tee hee. Looking forward to future posts.

  3. Awesome! Thanks so very much for sending me the link to your very cool blog, you 'natural' blogger! The pictures are incredible.


    Debbie Gonzales

  4. Hi Debbie! It's a hoot taking pictures of them. And I'm having a lot of fun figuring out these mini videos. Take care!