Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You may remember a photo from last year of Jill and her prize heifer Dorothy. They won Reserve Grand Champion (that's a fancy way of saying second place) last year at the PGX. Jill entered Dorothy with her calf this year and they won Grand Champion! Yay! We're very pleased. The previous winter, the cows had come into spring looking a little thin so we added some alfalfa hay to their feed last winter and that may have done the trick because they all kept their weight up.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy New Year

I know it's already March but I didn't get a chance to post a Happy New Year post because my laptop died. About the time I got the new laptop and sorted out all the new issues, learned a few things, lost all my files, found them again, and then bought a new power cord because the cat chewed through the fancy new extra thin one...just when I thought I was ready to start posting again...I lost the camera. Yep.

Oh sure, I could use my phone to take pictures, if I hadn't cheaped out on a phone with the cheesiest excuse for a camera...but I couldn't afford a better phone because my laptop died...

Anyway, the news is: first calf born a week ago to Dorothy! We missed the whole thing but it was obviously a success and Little Nameless is running amok and schmoozing with all the soft-nosed horses.

Photos pending.