Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Days Fifteen and Sixteen - Trailering Triumph!

As I went out with the camera (on the tripod I found in a closet so no more need for the camera crew) it started to hail. This video needs no extra music added!

Rest assured these guys have a shelter, it's just twenty feet to the right from where they're standing. Why don't they use it? Good question.

When I watch this video from yesterday, it looks like Kasper's been mozying in and out of trailers for years, but he really was jumpy when we started a few days ago! He's made huge progress with his confidence.

Today I loaded him once, turned him, shut the door (a process that I took about an hour to accomplish yesterday and today took three minutes) and took him for a half hour drive. When we got back home, he stood still while I opened the door and stepped out when I asked him. Yahoo!


  1. Hey Michelle!
    Looks like you guys are having fun and making some good progress! I totally forgot about the horse books and stuff. If you can hang on to it for now that would be great, then I can find out when the next trip to PG is for Mom and Dad and maybe they could pick it up. If you are still using it though, go right ahead!


  2. Tehya, Whenever your Mom and Dad come through, they can pick up the stuff, no problem. Take care! Michelle