Monday, March 9, 2009

Day Eleven -- More Ponying (and a serious lack of a camera crew!)

Well, it felt like I had a lot of horse in each hand yesterday. It was a lively day at the ranch with a lot of bustle and barking so Kasper was...shall we say...a tad flighty. I was happy to be up on CJ so I could direct from above instead of below. We did lots of circles and walked up and down the road and stood still for several minutes at a time.

I would like to get out there every day but today it was -25 C (close to Absolute Zero with the wind chill) and tomorrow it's supposed to be even colder!

I would also like to get some more photos, but the tractor seems to be parked at an imperceptible slant so the video camera slides off...I'll have to think of some other way...

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