Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day Ten - Ponying

Kasper had his first lesson in ponying (being led by a rider on another horse). I rode CJ and led Kasper up and down the driveway where he's been nervous. He was much less nervous, having his wise old buddy along, but it took some convincing to get him to realize that CJ wasn't along just so Kasper could chew on him. With the odd flick of the lead rope, he started to figure out he was supposed to give CJ some space and follow along beside without spinning or barging ahead.

By the end of half an hour, we were walking five steps, halting, backing up, walking five steps, turning, etc., in not too bad form.

After the ponying, I loaded Kasper in the trailer a few times. Now that I've dug the trailer out of the snow, I'd like to get Kasper down to the arena where we can train indoors. But, he's nervous of it, so I'll get him comfortable with it slowly.

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