Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back at 'Er!

This is what Kasper and I look like after dirt bikes spook us on the trails. Except for the fact that...well...I'm not quite that muscley. This summer I spent a month backpacking across Europe with my two anonymouses. The statue above is in Vienna where we spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the Spanish Riding School. Vienna is full of giant city squares and enormous statues.

This pretty little team works in Salzburg. Those carriage horses trot right by honking taxis, garbage trucks and mufflerless motorbikes without twitching. Maybe Kasper needs to spend a bit of time in Salzburg.

These horse masks, and about twelve others like them, decorate arches that connect a series of courtyards in central Vienna.

Klosterneuberg, a village near Berlin, is built around this church which stands near my relatives' house.

We paid Knut a visit at the Berlin Zoo.

I took this one for my brother Dan. Everything in Denmark (which is Danmark in Danish) is called Dan this or that. Dantaxi, Danhostel...

Here's the viking ship we sailed in the harbour of Roskilde near Copenhagen.

And, of course, we had to stop in Iceland for a few days on our way back. These are houses from the 1800's in the south of Iceland.

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  1. Love the pictures. Glad you had a great time over there.

    Kevin and Ruth