Monday, June 7, 2010

Signing Out for the Summer

The past few weeks have been great for Kasper and I. He's showing huge signs of being much more grown up this year compared to last year. (And so am I?) On June 12 he'll turn seven, and it seems he is now past his teenage years and entering young adulthood. He has been leading on trail rides on the way home, at a walk, trot or canter at a steady pace instead of an O-My-God-Get-Me-Back-To-The-Barn pace. Which is lovely. And today I took him to the arena in the trailer for the first time this year. He stood calmly at the trailer while I tacked him up instead of spooking at every car that went by. And he showed only the minutest signs of being nervous in the arena, and settled right down to the point of laziness. Which is fine with me.

(The first time I had him in that arena, before I started all the natural horsemanship courses, and before I really knew what I was doing - not that I do now - I had someone hold his reins and, while he ran in circles around her, I chased the stirrup until I somehow got my foot in and scrambled up onto his back. And then off we went like a shot...)

But with the temperature becoming more pleasant, the mosquitoes not too prolific, and the thunder storms only every other day, it seems there is way too much fun to be had outdoors, so I won't be blogging again until September. This fall, I plan to hitch CJ up to the cart and do a bit of road driving. And I'm keeping an eye out for a bobsled (not the Olympic kind) to use when the snow gets too deep for the sleigh. So check back in the fall and see what's up on the farm! Happy summer adventures to everyone!


  1. Cool, I look forward to the improvements by Sept! Have a great summer Michelle!