Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Three

Ziggy wanted nothing to do with going out into that biting wind this morning. But by the afternoon it had calmed down and out we went. Sorry, no cameraman today. I had the video camera all set up on the back of the car (I found the remote!) but Kasper and I didn't make it that far.

I harnessed him up and did some ground work in the usual spot near the barn where he can still see his buddies, and then I started moving him further down the road toward the house (where the car was parked with the videocamera all ready). As soon as he was out of sight of the barn, he started to get worried. The dogs spooked him. Noises out on the road spooked him. He got prancy and bouncy. I worked him for a while in this not-so-comfy zone, doing ground work like backing, yielding the front and hind quarters, circling, and rubbing his withers. Then we moved back to his comfy area near the barn and did some more.

I worked Kasper for about an hour. Tomorrow I'll do more of the same. What he's dealing with at the moment is separation anxiety. I don't think he even notices the harness now!

The dogs and I finished up at the barn and came back to the house for a nap in front of the wood stove...

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  1. Ziggy looks relaxed, and glad she doesn't have to go outside!