Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Six - The Truth

Okay, back from the tropics...Now for the truth (which you could have seen if that movie I made would load!): Kasper and I weren't amazing on Day Six. I had bought some new reins that morning, because the other ones were stiff like cardboard, and the new smoother reins helped a lot. But Kasper wanted to keep turning towards me and I wasn't quick enough to correct him. He'd end up facing me and then we'd have to get reorganized and start over. By the end, I just kept him on a circle and that worked pretty well. I've since had some tips from my natural horsemanship friends and I have a new way to work on keeping Kasper from turning into me. Hopefully I can get that on video next time.
Yesterday was a blustery day so I just took pictures instead of training:

My plan for the next few days (when I get out and brave the North Wind) is to ground drive Peter (below) who I've ground driven before and is happy to have me behind him. I'll get some more practice at it, and get a better feel for the reins and the contact with his mouth, and then I'll go back to Kasper.

Here's my two wheeled cart for the summer:
And here's the sleigh waiting patiently indoors:
This is apparently a Quebec type sleigh. It is very compact; just wide enough for two people on each seat.
Today is brilliantly sunny, but it's also -21 C! We'll see if it warms up...

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