Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Almost Finished Project

While my horses napped all summer in order of biggest to smallest...

I was busy mucking in the mud.

We had the wettest summer on record here, so these piles of forty-year-old manure that were scraped away from the barn sat amongst the rain ponds for weeks and weeks before it was dry enough to get the dump truck in to haul them away.

Eventually, it dried out, the piles were hauled out, the water lines were dug for three yard taps (only one burst a week later and had to be redug and repaired) and we built the fences.

Here are some of the new fences and the new manure bins (which will have walls on them in a few days). The outhouse has a new home next to the manure piles. I didn't look into a permit for that biffy...but as long as no one complains...

I have a round pen in the works. I plan to brace the top with white boards and string three strands of white poly-coated wire.

Here's another before and after from the back of the barn. Here the old manure has been scraped away and we're waiting for things to dry up before digging the water lines.

And here are two finished paddocks, with the new road and gravel path.

This is one of my boarders in his new paddock.


  1. It's looking more beautiful all the time. What a gratifying project! I love seeing the progress.

  2. One day you'll have to come to BC...