Wednesday, October 20, 2010

40 Days and 40 Nights

It's been raining for two days now. No floods, but the corral is soup! I won't show you that.

Kasper's frizzy look.

Horses get noticeably grumpy when it's cold and wet out. They distinctly don't like to be saddled when their backs are wet, but if you do saddle them up, the saddle blanket warms their backs and they become somewhat less grumpy.

Peter was a little afraid of me in the big yellow jacket with the deep hood.

There's still a lot of grass out here so I won't be feeding hay for a while yet. Even when the snow comes, the horses stay busy pawing for grass. And the forecast says snow on Monday!


  1. Complete opposite here, not a drop of rain in almost 7 weeks. I'll trade with you.

  2. I have a friend who has written several books for children, Norton Juster, have you heard of him. See my blog for a short story.

  3. Norton Juster, as in The Phantom Tollbooth? He's amazing!!

  4. Yes, that is the same Norton Juster. I worked with him in residential construction and never knew he was a famous author, he never brought it up. I just ordered his new book. Still no rain in sight. JD

  5. Wow, he must be a pretty interesting guy. And humble!