Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Comes, Snow Goes, Snow Comes Back...

For a full week, it's been melting and raining. It was up to plus 9 Celsius one day this week. We've lost about 75% of our snow on the field. There are even bare patches showing. I've kept CJ off duty because, in that kind of soft wet snow, the sleigh runners will cut right to the ground and he'll be stuck.(Sleighs like mine with narrow runners are called cutters for a reason.)

The five day forecast this morning was for ongoing melting and raining...but then the rain turned to these beautiful big snowflakes. So maybe we'll be sleighing again sooner than I thought!


  1. Great job Michelle! Looks like you have huge 'stickto-itiveness" ... if thats a word. You totally stick it out thru the wicked weather up there. Go girl!!