Saturday, April 11, 2009

21, 22 - Kasper Goes To Town

I took this photo yesterday. Yes, that's two feet of snow in the background.

The bearded Friesian:
I was able to take Kasper to the arena twice this week, with a helper to close the door on the trailer. Kasper was still pretty unhappy to be in the closed trailer. The arena was very busy because people were getting ready for the Western Weekend. I spent most of the time outside the arena doing ground work to get Kasper used to the commotion. When I finally took him into the relatively quiet arena, he was much more relaxed.

Here's our picnic table on April 8th under its cap of snow:
And on April 10th --the snow is finally melting!
As soon as the Western Weekend is over (no, I'm not cattle penning with Kasper...yet) we'll head back to the arena and keep trailering until he's a happy traveller.

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